My practice is contemporary homesteading. My mission as a maker is sustainability. I explore home-making through woodworking, sewing, crocheting, and knitting as tools to reuse and reimagine. The materials are sourced from a mixture of store-bought, trash-picked, salvaged, Craigslist-ed, and donated. I use open-source instructions, YouTube, and clothing patterns as foundations for my projects to expedite the prototyping process and learn new skills. The final process is always a modified version of the original.
Some of the questions I am currently wrestling with are: What is home? How do spaces evolve? Who dictates when a space is complete? What is the difference between DIY and Design? Where do we find value in objects? What are an object's qualities and stories? How can I further contribute to them?
I recently graduated from Cranbrook Academy of Art with my M.Arch. Born and raised in Metro-Detroit, I attended Lawrence Technological University for my Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design. I have worked for the Cranbrook Art Museum, the Cranbrook Academy of Art Architecture Department, and Ford Motor Company. I also held a summer residency at the Detroit-based studio TEIKAUT.
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